ARTIST x kno1famous

  • Jamie Chan, “ARTIST x kno1famous” is a mixed media abstract graffiti artist based in Medford, MA. Jamie was born in Boston, MA. He attended Middlesex Community College with an Associate degree in Studio Art and completed a Bachelor’s degree program in Graphic Design at Mount Ida College, in Newton MA.

    Jamie has been expressing his artistic interests with spray paint since a very young age, imitating the writing styles that he saw on the alleys of buildings throughout Chinatown in the mid 80's till late 90’s. Not until after completing his Senior thesis in 2012 on Propaganda and pop culture artists of the 1940’s, during which he reconnected with his passion for art through his studies of street artist Shepard fairy, which led him in choosing to make it his career.

    Coming from a background of collaborative creative work with architect and interior design firms in the AEC industry as well as studio art with a “whatever it takes” attitude to make the impossible happen. kno1famous’s work consists of a diverse range of artistic expression. Although best known for his grafstract stencil style of acrylic and spray-paint paintings on canvases, his work includes everything from Acrylic, Spray Paint, Watercolors, Pen and Ink, Graphic Art & Design, and Hand Painted & Vinyl Murals.

    The intention behind kno1famous’s artwork is to inspire people to enjoy their daily life more by beautifying the spaces we occupy, one wall at a time. Kno1famous aims to achieve this goal by working with local community outreach programs and city arts councils that will provide opportunities for the people to get involved in their communities and to support the causes that matter to them the most.

  • Kno1famous participates in Free Art First Friday events in the Cambridge and Boston Areas as well as volunteering with the Medford Art Council in Medford, MA.  He is also part of an international group that originated in Bristol, England called The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists.


Kno1famous has worked with:


Boston Art Inc. (Boston, MA), BOND Brothers Construction (Medford, MA), Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. (Cambridge, MA), Medford Arts Council (Medford, MA) And more...